EnvironmentalHazardTraining.com is a learning portal for inspectors to learn about environmental hazards and get training online that will help them identify environmental hazards and inspect property for various environmental hazards that may exist in a home.

Professional Mold Inspection Institute offers courses and certification course packages for mold inspection (mold assessment) and mold remediation.  Take the courses individually or enroll in the Mold Certification Course Package and take all 4 mold courses, Residential Mold Inspection (CRMI Certification), Commercial Mold Inspection (CCMI), Mold Remediation (CMR), and Mold Remediation Protocols.

Professional Home Inspection Institute offers thermal imaging courses for various types of infrared inspection.  Infrared cameras have become more affordable in recent years and have made a splash on the home inspection industry.  Realtors and buyers are even starting to ask inspectors if they use infrared cameras when they call to schedule inspections.  Don't be left behind, get the knowledge you need to use an infrared camera effectively for your inspections. 

Professional Home Inspection Institute offers a Radon Measurement Course approved by both NRSB (National Radon Safety Board) and NEHA (National Environmental Health Association).  The course will prepare you for national certification through either organization and completing the course is a pre-requisite to joining either organization as a certified radon measurement specialist.

The Environmental Hazards Course covers topics like lead, asbestos, radon, and formaldehyde.  The course is designed to give you an overview into environmental hazard inspections and will allow you to offer addon inspection services for environmental hazard inspections.